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Why Krav Maga of Southern Colorado? 

A complete head-to-toe, full body workout that combines kicking, punching, street fighting, ground fighting and defenses against weapons, Krav Maga gets its students into prime physical shape.


People of all ages and levels of physical fitness can start out as beginners and work their way up very quickly.


Students not only walk away with hard bodies, healthy hearts, and self defense techniques, but they also learn how to prepare themselves mentally to tap into their own aggressiveness in any situation. 

Self Defense student tired


Born out of the Jewish community's desperate struggle for survival under the Nazi regime's oppression and cruelty, Krav Maga isn't about katas or show. It's about pure function and simple form. It brings an intensity found on the streets and in the heat of battle. 


At Krav Maga of Southern Colorado, you will be pushed to your limits, and to discover your potential as never before. Survival isn't sport. It's an intense struggle in real situations. So we train as we fight—with intensity and passion. 

Self Defense Drill


Krav Maga—which literally is translated as “contact combat”—is one of the most lethal techniques for hand-to-hand combat in the world today. When it comes to this system of self defense, you will find that every single technique focuses on maximum efficiency in conditions that are real to life.  


To fully understand the principles and techniques that are used in Krav Maga, it is important that you first understand the rich history behind this martial art. 




Maybe fitness is a byproduct of the intensity of Krav Maga of Southern Colorado, or maybe it's a cornerstone. Either way, fitness is an integral part of your preparedness to handle real-life threats. And at Krav Maga of Southern Colorado, you will begin a transformation of your mind and body. 


Expert teachers will push you to be faster, stronger, and more confident at every level—for any situation. 

Ease of Learning


We get it. You haven't been training as a cage-fighter your whole life, and you don't have aspirations of getting in the UFC ring anytime soon. What you do want is to learn how to defend yourself and learn it quickly.  


Krav Maga focuses on gross motor movements, which means what we teach is instinctive—you already know it! We will hone your movements and teach you how to use them explosively, with confidence and precision. 


We believe everyone has a right to defend themselves and you shouldn't have to wait 5 years to learn how. From the start you will learn combat effective moves that have saved the lives of many who have taken the time to learn them.

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