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We currently offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced Krav Maga classes.  Along with Bungee Core Fitness.  Fly your way to Fitness!
Whether you are brand new or experienced at close combat, we have a place for you.

Our Krav classes focus on three elements: close combat, weapons, and fitness.  


Mondays are the time for perfect striking, defending against an unarmed assault, and increasing situational awareness. 

Wednesdays we pull out weapons and prepare to defend ourselves against an armed adversary intent on harming us or a loved one. 


Fridays are all about fitness.  We review technique  while maintaining an exhausting level of intensity.  Hydrate! 


All of our beginner's classes start at 5:30 p.m. 


Try to be there a few minutes early to prepare for class.

Bungee Core Fitness.  Experience the Ultimate Full-Body Workout only at KMSCO home to Southern Colorado Bungee Core Fitness!

Robert Koski Teaching Self Defense

Professional Tactics Class 

Nevada Gym (3226 N Nevada Ave., 80909)

To view Schedule and Book Class Click on View Our Member Website

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