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Become a Member

Are you ready to commit to training for your safety and survival? 


As a member of Krav Maga of Southern Colorado, you will have access to unlimited training with some of the best teachers. If our doors are open, you are welcome. (In order to participate in advanced classes, you have to qualify through the instructors. Don't worry—we will get you there if you are committed!) 


No other facility in Southern Colorado can offer this level of expertise at the rates we do. We believe your safety should be affordable, so at Krav Maga of Southern Colorado you have a couple options for membership.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is not compatible with our programs.  We refuse service to anyone  who has a Felony conviction and or convicted of Domestic Violence.  We may or may not run a back ground check to insure compliance with our policy. 


Adult — $90/month

Child (7-13 years old) — $50/month

Families (up to 4 members) — $120/month

Military — $70/month





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