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Tactical Krav Maga

Adapt and Overcome.  Then adapt again.

This is the heart of Krav Maga. It's why Krav Maga of Southern Colorado is continually looking to adapt to changing battlefield conditions, training needs, and emerging threats.  


Tactical Krav Maga is the designed evolution of the Israeli Krav Maga self defense system when used in conjunction with modern weapons training and specifically developed to address the scenarios and environments seen in today’s Law Enforcement actions and other documented armed violent encounters. The base system of Krav Maga and its sound principles, while forming the absolute foundation of training, required expansion to address threats beyond the normal. But most importantly, Tactical Krav Maga recognizes, and seeks to fill, holes in today’s modern training functionality. Where techniques and principles may be perfectly sound, training methodology was found to create ‘crutches’, ‘scars’ and ‘habits’ that even the most realistic training scenarios weren’t addressing.

Tactical Krav Maga brings the sound principles of the last decade to solve new threats, adds tactical and weapons training to self defense, and creates skill sets by using special drills and tools to force a quickened perceptual response to a threat and not just rely on the largest response available, which the practitioner may not have adequate time or distance to deploy. The outcome of the training allows the practitioner to be proactive in a response or reactive when time and space dictate it, and still offers options after the initial reaction to transition back to proactive tactics.

IF you'd like to know how we can bring this advanced training to you or your organizaiton, stop in or give us a call at 1-719-963-7507, or submit an inquiry.

For more about TKM's history, program and objectives  read more at Tactical Krav Maga.

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