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Questions.  We all have them.  

                     Now you can have answers too.

Over the course of many years, we've been asked many questions.  Here are a few that come up most frequently. In fact, most people laugh when they realize they aren't alone in their wonderings.


Do I have to be in excellent shape to do Krav Maga?

Being physically fit isn't only important to Krav Maga, but to your own survival.  Because of this, we encourage you to train if you are out of shape.  How else can you improve? Krav Maga is adaptable to what ever level you are currently at, but our training program won't let you stay there.  In fact, after joining our team you will find yourself in the best shape of your life.  With commitment and hard work, we can help you achieve your goals. 



Krav Maga looks intense. Will I get hurt in class? 


Safety is all about mitigating risk, and  because your safety is our number 1 concern we have invested in great equipment and safety-conscious instructors.  At Krav Maga of Southern Colorado we train slowly at first, and work you up to 'real time' action.  


​That being said, engaging in any physical activity, including walking or riding a bike, can be dangerous.  Krav Maga, and all self defense, is explosive and includes physical contact, so the risk of injury always exists. However, if you listen to the instructors, and pay attention to your own limitations, your chances of being injured are greatly decreased. 


I don't have a ninja outfit.  What should I wear to class? 

Wear any type of comfortable clothing that you would normally exercise in.  I don't think anyone here has a ninja outfit, though for the advanced level you will need sparring gear. 


 A few items of note: You will work up a sweat in our Krav Maga Self Defense classes. A towel and a water bottle come in handy. For the sake of any training partner you getted paired up with, we ask that you come to class clean, with trimmed fingernails.   Because we train exclusively on a matted floor, classes are conducted bare foot.  


I heard Jason Bourne uses Krav Maga.  Will I be like him when I am done? 

Jason Bourne is a pretty bad dude, but he didn't use Krav Maga in the movies.  IMDB clears up the idea pretty well here. What you will find is that many techniques used in Hollywood may look like Krav Maga. That's because Krav Maga is ccomprised of the moves that really work from many different martial arts, such as Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Jeet Kune Do.  So while you may not look like Jason Bourne, if you commit to studying Krav Maga you will look like the most effective Warrior you can be.  


I don't want to be a cage fighter. I just want to defend myself and my family.  Is Krav Maga right for me? 

YES!  There is no better system to achieve the goal of self defense than Krav Maga.  Krav Maga wasn't developed for sport, but rather for street effectiveness with minimal training time.  Krav Maga teaches situational awareness, the power of self confidence, and how to be aggressive in a controlled way should the situation demand it.  If Self defense is what you are after, there is no better place in Colorado Springs than Krav Maga of Southern Colorado.


I only want to learn authentic Krav Maga. Do you teach authentic Krav Maga? 


Yes and no.  The Krav Maga is a generic term meaning close combat or contact combat. Many Krav Schools are advertising that they teach only "Authentic Israeli Krav Maga"! My question to them is how do you define Authentic Krav Maga? Are you referring to the method of fighting original developed in the late 1930 in Eastern Europe, or what was taught to the IDF  after the birth of the State of Israel? Or what was originally taught at Wingate by Imi Himself when the Wingate Krav Maga School was established in 1971? In Israel the rules and laws of self defense are different then here in the United States.


The Krav Maga taught here in the States is no more or less authentic then taught in Israel! Krav Maga is a principle based system and therefore adapts to the theater of operation it operates in. I have trained in Israel and I can tell you that even in Israel there are different schools of Krav Maga.  Which one is authentic? Beware of the person who calls himself Master! For there are no masters in Krav Maga: only disciples! 


We do teach what is still the standard in Israel.  That is why I made it a priority to go to Wingate Univeristy when I was invited. We are one of only two schools in the entire state that have a Wingate certified instructor.  


What we don't teach is someone's personal blend of martial arts that they have labeled Krav Maga.  Beware of someone else's "Krav Maga Cocktail".  Some people want to profit off of latest trends and fitness fads, so they will slap a label on an advertisement.  It's okay for you to ask to see certifications from legit Krav Maga organizations such as Krav Maga Alliance and Krav Maga Worldwide. 


There are many martial arts out there. Why should I invest my time, effort and money into Krav Maga?


A fair question. In order to give you a fair answer I have to ask about your goals in learning a martial art.


 If your goal is to be a strict disciple to a traditional form, while wearing a gi, and having a sensei, Krav Maga isn't for you.  


If your goal is to become maximally proficient at defending yourself with minimal time investment, if you want to learn how to incapacitate an assailant and escape with the least amount of  harm to your person, if you want to be able to learn gun and knife disarms without having to be a black belt, and if you want to get in awesome shape doing it, Krav Maga is a clear choice. 

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