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Mr. Robert Koski is the only Krav Maga instructor in Southern Colorado to have trained in Israel at the prestigious, invitation-only Wingate Academy. He is certified through Wingate to instruct Krav Maga.  


He is also the head instructor of the USA-Jujitsu, LLC Judo Ju-Jitsu program. He holds 3rd degree Black-belts in Taiho Jutsu and 3rd degree USA Ju-Jitsu, as well as 1st degree in Yoshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu and 3rd degree in USTKJ Judo.  Robert also trains in Machado BJJ and currently holds a purple belt. 


Robert Koski instructs and trains in Israeli Krav Maga for Law Enforcement. Robert has over two decades of law enforcement experience, including: SWAT Sergeant, 14 years of instructing police defensive tactics and hand-to-hand combat at three law enforcement academies around the state, teaching and training in Poland and Germany along with being P.O.S.T. Skills Material Expert on the Use of Force Subcommittee for the state Attorney General office P.O.S.T. board. 


Robert has 2,125 hours of documented training and studies in martial arts, and is active in CKA grappling competition. Robert is the 2008 CKA State Champion in the less then 184 lbs men's advance division, 2010 Silver Medalist at the Rocky Mountain Games Judo Master Division, and 2010 Silver Medlist at the FTW Colorado BJJ Mens Master 170 Ibs Blue Belt Division.


Robert trains under Bill Hoskens at the Colorado Springs BJJ.