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Recent news​

The Law Enforcement only class is now the Professional Tactics Class, designed for the Military, LEO and Security Professional.  Every Saturday at 2pm.

Active Shooter Training, It is not enough just to run and hide!  Sometimes fighting maybe the better option.  You just may save your life and others.  We offer 1-3 day seminairs at your location on the best practices for handling the most extreme situtions.  From developing policies and procedures to improving security and training tactical approaches to battle tested techniques.  This is High Speed, Low Drag Training conducted by Experience SWAT and Miltary Operators.  For more information call us at 719-963-7057 or email us at



Tyler Koski has been accepted to TEAM USA and will compete in Wroclaw Poland for the JiuJitsu International Federation World Championship. As such we need to raise three Thousand dollars to get him there and pay for his expenses.  Individual donation suggested at $50.00 and Corporate Sponsorship is suggested at $500.00.  For Corporate sponsorship we will place your patch and or logo on Tyler's Competition GI.  Please donate by clicking on the below PalPay donation button.

New Affiliation


We are now affilliated with Tactical Krav Maga as well as Krav Maga Alliance.  I see this as the next evolution in self-defense, weapon, and tactics training.  As part of our effort to bring the residents of Southern Colorado the best training available we are continually scouring the Krav Maga world for the best, most effective and applicable training out there and this is it.


If you want to be a part of the only Tactical Krav Maga training center in Southern Colorado, come check us out!  New classes and seminars are on coming soon. Are you ready? 

Back from Israel

Robert Koski


Well, I am back.  And I hope you all are ready.  There is nothing like sand, heat, and training 3 times a day with some of the most elite athletes on the planet to inspire me to push you all to the next level.  I know you have it in you! 


Israel was awesome, and I'll share some stories with you when you come in.  I"m looking forward to seeing you on the mats!

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